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Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, I'm an NYC based actress and multi-disciplinary artist. I love exploring the intricacies and complexities of human nature. I discovered my skills for directing and writing while I trained as an actor. My vision for world building, collaboration and communication presented itself as an asset. I'm currently pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting and Playwriting which has also informed my process as an actor. I'm proud to be an immigrant, the journey has allowed me to understand shifting perspectives across cultures and time. I am deeply inspired by history, specifically those who have been displaced and missrepresented throughout time.

My Statement

My Statement 

I love what I do and I create with love and an open mind.  Systemic racism must be fought now, consistently. Anti-racism and anti-racist work is urgently needed and must always have a place in our current lives. I have a deep gratitude and appreciation for the people who have come before me.

I would have no stories to tell if it weren't for the lives of our Black and Native American ancestors. My journey and my freedom is an extension of the branches of my ancestor's existence and history.

 I'm writing this personally from Brooklyn, land where Lenape tribes once lived,  and where the Dutch settlement once caused them to be displaced. I thank the Lenape for their existence, courage and contributions. In Brooklyn, 1/3rd of the population in 1771 were Black enslaved people. To help break the legacy of violence and theft, below are multiple direct links to resources and websites where you can donate directly to Black and Native American communities, along with links to social movements I support. 



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