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        My portfolio consists of various projects that I am proud to have worked on within the past year, primarily as an actor. They are all available for viewing on this website. I have directed and written some of these pieces so they very much represent my style as a creator.

          I am an experimental artist. I love seeing the way different people, mediums and colors can interact with and learn from one another. I am passionate about  telling stories that center people that have been historically and systemically oppressed. These stories are often misrepresented and I hope to learn and heal throughout the process of creation.  

          As an immigrant, journeys play an integral role in the stories I write and direct.  My acting training has always taught me that the most important part of telling a story is connecting with my authentic self. From there I can explore the true possibilities of any story and character. 

Project Cyanopsia

Directed by Julia Zanin De Paula

Project Blue Bruises

Directed by Mckensi  Scy Pascall

Project Blood Tree

Directed by Mckensi  Scy Pascall

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